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Sotahuuto • Sotahuuto 2008 registration has been opened
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Sotahuuto 2008 registration has been opened

Lähetetty: Sunnuntai, 13.04.2008 22:11
Kirjoittaja blite
Registration to Sotahuuto 2008 has been opened!

Please, see the Sotahuuto website for details. The address to registration page is available at http://www.sotahuuto.fi/?p=/english/sotahuuto2008/ilmo.

Fast registrations and group registrations that are paid in groups of at minimum 10 payments, are eligible to discounts!

Unfortunately the Ilmo-system is only available in Finnish. We are also still having some minor technical problems you might encounter. So, if and when you have any problems registrating your group, please ask here and I and others will try to answer to you!

And finally: We warmly welcome all foreign guests to registrate and participate this year's Sotahuuto!

Lähetetty: Keskiviikko, 16.04.2008 14:56
Kirjoittaja Bernard
Kõik Eestlased kes mingil põhjusel seda siit lugema juhtuvad!

Eesti registreerumine on alanud juba mõnda aega tagasi. Üritus läheb teile maksma 1000.- EEK ja registreerumiseks saatke mulle (allan@vgk.ee) palun:

1. Oma ees ja perekonnanimi
2. Oma isikukood
3. Oma telefoninumber
4. Oma meiliaadress

Registreerimistasud saate kanda siia:

Allan Bernard

Selgitusse märkida oma nimi ja "Sotahuuto 2008".

Eestlaste osalustasu sisaldab endas:
* Mängumaksu Soomlastele
* Transporti Tallinnast mängule ja tagasi Tallinna
* Kollektiivseid relvi ja varustust
* Toitlustust mängu päevadeks (Laupäev, Pühapäev)

Lähetetty: Perjantai, 25.04.2008 10:34
Kirjoittaja TMl
Here is a quick translation, that Dan requested, of the registration guide:

Because the registrations for Warcry are made by a single person from each group and only once a year, here is a piece of advice for first-timers and those who may have forgotten how things work.

The group organiser registers participants into the database. When hoping to qualify for the group discount, it is more meaningful when and how many participants are paid, rather than how the participants are registered. So it is possible, even recommended, to register your group members as they confirm their attendance, and then pay all the entrance fees together.

The earlier we staff know about the number of attendees and the sizes of the groups, the better we can react to the situation and make the event enjoyable for everyone. Confirmed registrations, especially the paid kind, are the best and safest way to make an estimate. You can also take the situation into account by mentioning the groups expected size in its description.

It is also recommended to inform the staff as early as possible about whom you wish to be your allies and enemies. With this information and that of your groups size, we can divide all the groups into armies evenly and you can start making warplans with your newfound allies. The group organisers should register their groups as early as possible and make their wishes and estimates about their size, style and equipment known in the registration form. People can then be added to the group as they become interested.

Lähetetty: Perjantai, 25.04.2008 14:30
Kirjoittaja Bernard
Thank you for the information. I know it is only a translation of a guide, aimed mostly towards local players. Yet it concerns us too, therefore I feel the need to stress out some points from our side.

To any whom it might concern:

It is a bit more difficult with us - we have an abundance of names but the dropout rate is also astronomical (since it will cost a considerable amount of money for a regular player from Estonia to attend SH) e.g. many people say "yes" but only few "yes, I am sure, here's the money". I will start submitting names after I have 10 confirmations (e.g. a group size) before that we are of no moment in the grand scheme of events anyway.

Unfortunately I'll also have to insist on paying a couple of days before the deadline. If I'd send every participation fee as soon as I have the money - I would end up paying a lot more than intended because of the international bank fees. The fees have a fixed rate so sending one large sum is cheaper than many small ones.

Aside from all that, I will contact the organizers directly and discuss all the relevant topics concerning us - from sleeping arrangements to allegiances on the field.

Yours truly,

Allan Bernard.

Lähetetty: Perjantai, 25.04.2008 21:48
Kirjoittaja Gnomus
It is wise to pay ten or more persons at same time. Then you get discount and have to pay less in banking fees. The point of advice is that you can register persons as soon as they confirm they are coming and then pay them all at the same time before (discount) deadline.

There's no reason to hold back registration and groups wishes until last possible moment, unless you have a reason to hold back (for example groups wishes aren't yet clear or something). Earlier organizers know your wishes and your groups strenght better we can plan things for you.

Lähetetty: Perjantai, 25.04.2008 22:46
Kirjoittaja Bernard
Thank you. That is understood.

I do not intend to hold anything back, I am compiling a list of registrations and our portfolio and forwarding them to you as soon as possible (and I will be updating it as often as you deem necessary).

Just there isn't much to tell at the moment (only 5-6 confirmed registrations so far). Still I will send you what I have, during this weekend.