Show yourselves! (Connecting people)

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Show yourselves! (Connecting people)

Viesti Kirjoittaja Athene » Maanantai, 06.01.2014 23:00

Living outside Finland and planning participating War Cry next summer? Here you can introduce yourself and possibly find companions to travel with you. If you are going to join a finnish group on battle field but don't know how to find a good one, say it aloud here!

We should have visitors at least from Estonia, Germany and Russia - we are curious about you. 8)
Päätökset pitää tehdä oikeassa mielenvireessä, ja mieluiten nopeasti, ettei vire mene ohi.
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Re: Show yourselves! (Connecting people)

Viesti Kirjoittaja Archibald » Perjantai, 09.05.2014 20:01

Hello my name is Marcus
I am 26 years old
I live in Stockholm Sweden
I like networking and search for contacts
My email is Backas at KTH dot se
I get fighting inspiration from the South Park game

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Re: Show yourselves! (Connecting people)

Viesti Kirjoittaja Arska » Maanantai, 09.06.2014 16:52

Even though many people now know me, a short introduction for those who wouldn't...
Aurore, 25 yo, from France, living in Finland since October (2013), after a 9-months Erasmus here in 2010-2011, where I met some Etsubo people and got my first experience with boffers... Which actually never stopped x). But as I've been travelling back and forth from France to Finland, that's gonna be my first Sohu. I've been asked into the landsknecht group, my warsuit is almost ready 8) .
I do speak and understand some Finnish, but to be honest, the text on the forum is too dense for me (and my time precious), so I'll take information from whoever is kind enough to share :roll:
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Re: Show yourselves! (Connecting people)

Viesti Kirjoittaja Sapfon » Keskiviikko, 11.06.2014 17:50

Hey all,
My name is Joonas, I'm 26-years-old, live in Espoo. I've been in contact with guys and gals from Germany, theres a total of 6 coming at the moment. I'm one of the leaders in Etelän Imperiumi (Southern Empire) team that practises around Helsinki area.

I'm going to link this connecting people thingy to germans as well now. Totally forgot to do it earlier :S
Etelän Imperiumin organisaattori, jos on asiaa voi laittaa viestiä

Alas! How many noble and valiant knights we've lost.

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Re: Show yourselves! (Connecting people)

Viesti Kirjoittaja Hårdgrim » Sunnuntai, 06.07.2014 19:09

Hi, I'm Lars, fighting name Hårdgrim. I'm one of the 7 Joonas mentioned coming in from Germany.

I'm originally Danish, but now live in Munich. I spent five years in Illinois, USA, where I picked up the sport of Belegarth (a.k.a. Dagorhir). After an attempt in Denmark, I gave started a group here in Munich, which is doing well. There's more info on it at

Other than that, I'm 44 tears old, work for Google, and keep wondering when I'm going to be too old for this shit:) I look forward to seeing what the Finnish version of boffering is like, and apologize in advance if I hit harder than you're used to - our combat is not touch combat.

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Re: Show yourselves! (Connecting people)

Viesti Kirjoittaja Hårdgrim » Sunnuntai, 06.07.2014 19:12

And yes, that's 7 people, Joonas: Me, Ulf, Christian, Andreas, Christina, Rolf, and Simone. Almost but not quite enough for our own ream.
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