Jüriöö 2008 - a free battle event in Estonia

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Jüriöö 2008 - a free battle event in Estonia

Viesti Kirjoittaja Bernard » Keskiviikko, 12.03.2008 20:36

The Jüriöö Uprising - 19th of April

Style: massive bofferointi 8)

Once again a group of enterprising people have gathered, to host a memorial event for the (in)famous uprising of "Jüriöö" which took place in 14th. century Estonia.

On behalf of them, it is my pleasure to announce to you this annual and by far the biggest boffer event in Estonia. This years event is the fourth of a the popular series.

Last years event, was the place for the first contact between our two boffer cultures.
  • KeisariP and his four brave pioneers joined the Estonians cause, to help to free the ancient Vaiga county form Teutonic enslavement. Unfortunately the Germans had massed an unseen force of Brothers and Crusaders to the small Kassinurme castle and where able to thwart the efforts of the combined Estonian, Novgorodian and (small but significant) Finnish forces.

    This year, all odds are open again and the battle for Pagan freedom or Christian enlightenment will rage once more.

This years Jüriöö will be held on 19-20th. of April in Kassinurme, near Jõgeva - the same place where last years Jüriöö and Nordic Equinox where held, so there should be plenty of people amidst you, who know exactly where it is and how to get there.

The event will be absolutely free for any and every Finnish participant. That includes the game and up to 3 meals (depending on when you'll arrive). So you can spend the extra money on ferry tickets. The conditions for lodgings will be the same, so bring your tent and any extra supplies you think you might need.

Last year about 400 participants registered to the event. This years registration started a couple of days ago and already there are nearly a hundred names. You can follow up on the actual list of names (updated roughly every night at 00:00) here:

Jüriöö 2008 participants

(Un)forutnately this year I am not a member of the organizing body but will be playing alongside you and plunging in to the thrills and hazards of a Castle siege/defense.

I can still offer limited help with registrations and information - so if you'd like to come, please don't hesitate to contact me (if I can't help you, I'll surely know someone know who can).

Any questions can also be posted here, I will point out this topic to the actual organizers and ask them to check in from time to time.


There are no limitations to you, regarding the side you wish to be on. But seeing your eyes light up, with the chance to defend the castle at Nordic Equinox, I took the liberty to speak about it on your behalf with the "Jüriöö2008" organizers.

They are happy to register you on the side of Germans (the defenders) at Jüriöö, if you so choose.

The official site for the event (unfortunately only in Estonian) is:
Viimeksi muokannut Bernard, Maanantai, 07.07.2008 11:23. Yhteensä muokattu 1 kertaa.
Beat up new and interesting people, Nordic Equinox 2013

13.-15. September

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Viesti Kirjoittaja Dan » Lauantai, 29.03.2008 17:07

So, will there be someone coming to Jüriöö ?
We Estonians descended from the Kalevipoeg himself ;)
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Viesti Kirjoittaja Keisari_P » Lauantai, 29.03.2008 17:34

At the moment thigs are looking grim. :( I would like to come again, but I'm having trouble mustering my men. There is popular training camp in Orivesi at the same time with Jüriöö.

Although Jüriöö -07 was an great experience, it seem finns are more interested in Nordic Equinox style events with multiple cenarios, than whole day (and night) long larps.

But nothing is surtain yet. I only have information of Rämä´s situation. And maybe people will change their minds, because the weather is getting better. :)
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Viesti Kirjoittaja Keisari_P » Keskiviikko, 16.04.2008 16:52

I regret to say, that we are not attending to Jüriöö this year. :(
But we will be definately attending Nordic Equinox with equal or larger force than before.

Too bad the chain is now broken.
Finns joidend Jüriöö-07 with 5 warriors. You doubled by sending 10 warriors to Sotahuuto 2007. We again doubled the pot by sending 20 warriors to Nordic Equinox.
Hopefully you can continue the doubling by sending 40 warriors to Sotahuuto 2008. :)
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Viesti Kirjoittaja saloneju » Keskiviikko, 16.04.2008 17:58

That makes 80 to Equinox this year :P
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