Sotahuuto 2009 accepting applications!

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Sotahuuto 2009 accepting applications!

Viesti Kirjoittaja TMl » Torstai, 21.05.2009 16:43

Applications are accepted at

As per previous years group leaders write in an application for his/her whole group (all participants). During the application process the leader creates a user account, that can later be used to alter information about the group. Individual applications are also accepted.

Prices are as follows:

Deadline 22.5 5.6

Groups 32€ 34 €
Individuals 34€ 36 €

A group placing their application must be at least 10 strong to be eligible for the group discount. The first deadline for the payments is 22.5 and the final 5.6.

There has been some discussion for moving the first deadline to june, however nothing certain has been decided yet.

As you can see the economic downturn and the ever-increasing size of the event have put pressure on the organizers to increase the admission fee. There has been some grumbling among the finns, but I guess that the increase isn't significant for you guys, since it's expensive either way for you to participate.

Feel free to ask if you have any questions about the applications process.

We all appreciate your participation in Sotahuuto and await eagerly for your continued interest!

See you on the Battlefield!
Karel "porkkana" Suvitie
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Viesti Kirjoittaja Zenzu » Tiistai, 26.05.2009 16:41

The later deadline has been changed to 20.6.
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