Safety and first aid

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Safety and first aid

Viesti Kirjoittaja Athene » Maanantai, 30.06.2014 22:40

Introduction on first aid and medical stuff for War Cry 2014 international participants

War Cry 2014 has a first aid medical team on site from Friday evening untill Sunday when the event closes. During late evenings and nights (from about 21.00 to 09.00) there is reduced preparedness and the first aid team can be contacted via the event or security stewards (yellow high-viz vests with "järjestyksenvalvoja" on them). During day time and combat there are a couple of first aides near the action and a static first aid tent by the main field. Part of the time there should also be a doctor available for consultation.

All first aid staff can be identified by the white cross on green surface on their high visibility vests. First aid tent is marked similarly. Most of our staff is volunteers with varying levels of proficiency working as a team that includes experienced medical professionals. Most of our aiders speak at least English but other languages as well. We provide free first aid from the smallest of wounds and blisters to anything more serious. If you do some first aid by yourselves, we do ask that you still notify us immediately so we can keep track. Group's leader or own medic is very welcome to introduce themselves, and their groups medical situation (if participants have conditions or illnesses, interpreter needs etc.) to us beforehand.

For a more pleasant experience, please remember to drink and eat continuously during the event, wear sturdy shoes that support ankle, prepare for any kind of weather, use sunscreen, wear a hat and eye protection (or helmet with small eye holes), use minimal necessary force in battles, use tape or bandage before blisters form, start your allergy medications beforehand (lots of hay, flowers, insects), and come to first aid tent sooner rather than later - it never hurts to ask. And as you know, if during battles there is an accident, the safeword "HOLD" is yelled: first aid responds and all activity stops.

If needed, patients are forwarded to the area hospital, Keski-Suomen keskussairaala, with your or a volunteer car (or by ambulance if more urgent). Hospital is the largest in the region and only 15km away. This is the same hospital where any foreigner visiting Jyväskylä will receive help. The address is Keskussairaalantie 19 and tel: +358 100 84 884 (weekends and non-office hours). Nearest pharmacy is in Muurame town center at Setäläntie 2 (Mon-Fri 9—19, Sat 9—15) but others can be found in Jyväskylä, for instance Yliopiston apteekki at Kauppakatu 39 (every day 7-23).

On behalf of the first aid medical team, welcome to safe War Cry 2014.

Juho R., team leader
First Aid (=Ensiapu, "EA", in Finnish)
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