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Registration is open

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Registration to Sotahuuto 2010 is open! Like usual, we take applications primarily in groups only, so group leader registers the whole group and also makes payments on their behalf. Registration for individual fighters will open later, but we encourage everyone to register as groups. ... autuminen/

Registration form is only in finnish. If you want to register in english, send email to Suski susanna.huhtanen at for more information.

The mandatory event fee is 10€, optional fee for food is 25€, so it's 35€ total if you choose to take the food which is highly recommended. Food includes two breakfasts, two lunches and a dinner, a full catering from from Saturday morning to Sunday evening. Vegetarian food will be arranged.

Registration ends at 11.6.2010. Payments no later than 18.6.2010.

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