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Historical setting

Viesti Kirjoittaja pt » Sunnuntai, 12.07.2009 13:47

Historical setting and armies in Sotahuuto 2010

Historical setting of next Sotahuuto will be Balkans 1354-1453AD: in other words the expansion of Ottoman Turkish empire to Europe and the end of the Eastern Roman empire in Greece. The period includes several legendary battles, from Kosovo Field in 1389 to failed crusader attack to Nicopolis in 1396, the Ottoman defeat by Tamerlane at Ankara in 1402 and finally the fall of Constantinople in 1453. Some of these battles will be re-enacted in Sotahuuto in a way or another.

As the Sotahuuto will be organized this time by Harmaasudet-Greywolves, a Helsinki-based re-enactment and LARP society, and thus focusing especially on atmosphere and historical theme of the event.

There will be six armies, each with their own flag. Usually there will be three armies allied against other three: the alliances will be changed several times during the event, following historical theme and actual pacts between the medieval Balkan states.

Army 1: Ottoman Turkish sultanate

Flag: red banner with black horsehair

One of two main armies in event, magnificent troop on the holy mission of liberating the Eastern Roman Empire from its no-good rulers.

Army 2: Kingdom of Hungary

Flag: red-and-white horizontal stripes

Second main army, combined feudal-and-nomad force defending the Christendom and trying its best to occupy its smaller neighbors while doing that

Army 3: Serbia

Flag: red double-headed eagle on yellow background

Small but heavy army that represents the other Balkan states: sometimes independent, sometimes vassals for Turks, Greeks or Hungarians.

Army 4: Latins

Flag: red Saint Georges cross on white background

All the western Catholic troops, both crusaders and mercenaries will be united under Latin flag, fighting for faith and money.

Army 5: Greek Empire

Flag: banner of green, red and gold, with image of Saint George slaying the dragon.

Small and disciplined troops of once-great ”Byzantine” empire will fight against both Turkish and Latin aggression to no avail.

Army 6: Tatars

Flag: three white circles on blue background

Light and quick Tatar army will represent the nomad warriors of Golden Horde and Tamerlane, often seen as allies and occasional invaders in the Balkans.
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Viesti Kirjoittaja Theero » Sunnuntai, 12.07.2009 21:52

Could you please post a link to a some sort of website, which would have more information about this invasion? I'd REALLY appreciate it, because I'm quite interested about the historical side of the Sotahuuto-events...
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Viesti Kirjoittaja Unis » Sunnuntai, 12.07.2009 23:03

Some Wikipedia articles about the historical setting:

Gallipoli battles (1354 and 1366)

Battle of Kosovo (1389)

Battle of Nicopolis (1396), Hungary vs Ottomans

Fall of Constantinople (1453)


Byzantine-Ottoman wars (1265-1453)

Hungarian-Ottoman wars (1366-1526+)
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ottoman%E2 ... arian_Wars

There are probably better articles around but those were the ones I found with a quick look. I tried to look up something about the Serbian-Ottoman wars but wikipedia is a bit jammed these days.
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